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a silver hair
  woven into the nest
winter light                                               
the earth moves –
snails in love                                                     
morning moon
 a spider staggers away
with her egg-case                               
the calf’s fur
 licked into curls –
   woodstove smoke                                       
early heat –
 jacaranda buds burst
into sparrows                                               
rusted hinge
the butterfly’s wings
close, open                                             
the blossom wind...
even broad bean flowers
tossing their heads                                              
longest day –
  dust galaxies slide
     through the shutters          
fish story
  a cormorant spreads its wings
  i    d    e    r                                              
snapper run –
 his red cigarette tip
 bobbing on the bay          
scorched garden…
enough water
for the birdbath                           
heat shimmer
the kingfisher’s wings
answer the river                           

snake country the length of the shortcut                   
a home
among the gumtrees
   among the ashes                     

into the black—
 the drift
   of a currawong feather              

red moon
the calligraphy
of charred trees                           

seashells –
I sort through
my childhood   

deck class sparrows claim my ferry seat                            

harvest moon
the sideshow alley clowns


lunar eclipse
a moth taps circles
on the ceiling  


cicada husk…
also clinging
to a straw                                                    


on a bare twig rain beads what light there is              

the tang of her secret
on my tongue                                          


fading light…
 his voice in the crowd
   of shadows                                          

grey day
the iridescence
of a housefly  

unswept leaves
my foot brushes
a sparrow                                                                   

the bent nail
 where garlic hung…
 winter moon                                                        

starlings thicken
 between the chimneys
a deeper twilight                                        


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Lorin Ford
what light there is

A 3lights Gallery Presentation

All poems copyright © Lorin Ford 2009
All artwork copyright © Liam Wilkinson 2009

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a few notes
from an untuned piano…
autumn rain                                         


turn of the tide…
the sea taking back
its jellyfish