A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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sunset starlings the arms of Siva

space Claire Everett – UK
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a little bit of twilight
in night

space Rajandeep Garg – India
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    another sunset
more rust seeps
from the strata

space John Rowlands – Wales
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mirror reflection –
a sense of who i was
and what i am

space Arvinder Kaur – India
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  last expressions of twilight the cameo on black

space Rajandeep Garg – India
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    moon-shadow …
facing the silhouette
of what comes next

space Hazel Hall – Australia
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insomnia –
switching on
the shadows

space Bouwe Brouwer – The Netherlands
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  the lights
of a squid boat ...
starry night

space Chen-ou Liu – Canada
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    soul searching
a starry night
over a dark sea

space Simon Hanson – Australia
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cloudy night
the stars
sneak past

space Christina Sng – Singapore
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  after elections …
buying hyacinth

space Diana Teneva – Bulgaria
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    field mouse …
a stalk of wheat
becomes a feast

space Mary Kendall – USA
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to the late sun
a wheat reaper

space Paul Chambers – Wales
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  a feel of wheels …
the train passing paddocks
of rolled hay

space Jan Dobb – Australia
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    between your autumn
and mine
another cricket song

space Eva Limbach – Germany
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