A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 9   

still no rain –
clouds of dust
from the lawnmower

space Elaine Riddell – New Zealand
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  choking dust
a water tanker
hung with rainbows

space Kent Robinson – Australia
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    boomerang …
the arc-flung tail
of a fleeing wallaby

space Quendryth Young – Australia
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tomatoes line the sill
another batch
of pico de gallo

space John S Green – USA
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  near a whetstone
red sumac

space Patrick Sweeney – Japan
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    end of drought
the spice
of birdsong

space Alanna C. Burke – USA
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shiny flies …
the python’s scales

space Quendryth Young – Australia
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the snail glides
towards the night

space Jade Pisani – Australia
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    forest path –
a firefly leads me

space Kevin Valentine – USA
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a black snake
slips under the gate
shortening days

space Jo McInerney – Australia
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  remaining heat
belly to belly
crows climb the sky

space G.R. LeBlanc – Canada
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    breast biopsy ...
out of a clear sky
the cry of a crow

space Rebecca Drouilhet – USA
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another node shows up
in the scan

space Geethanjali Rajan – India
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  starless night
raindrops glisten
from the windowpane

space Stephen Amor – USA
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    cabin fever
kudzu climbing
the pines

space Marilyn Appl Walker – USA
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