A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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page 14   

the moon behind the shyness your crescent smile

space Pravat Kumar Padhy – India
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  the dog eared page moon gazing

space Susan Mallernee – USA
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    lingering moon
a willow leaf
jumps from clear water

space Wyntirson – UK
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the gold in an aspen turn of phrase

space Autumn Noelle Hall – USA
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  aspens whisper the sound of money

space Sondra J. Byrnes – USA
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    better days
leaves fight the wind
as if ...

space Adrian Bouter – the Netherlands
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autumn nightfall teaching her first-born subtraction

space Elmedin Kadric – Sweden
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  wasting less than half the morning moon

space Jonathan McKeown – Australia
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    reddening shadows
she folds october light
into paper cranes

space Benjamin Bläsi – Switzerland
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swallows headed south her accent thickens

space John McManus – UK
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  childhood lane –
leaves funnelling down
to the cemetery

space Lavana Kray – Romania
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    Birrarung Marr …
in crisp light
war-shields rusting

space Rodney Williams – Australia
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charity bonfire
the last glow of embers
in the hospice grounds

space Rachel Sutcliffe – UK
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  end of war …
a reddish crane delving
in the ash layers

space Lavana Kray – Romania
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    morning light
still life
with woodpecker

space Mark E. Brager – USA
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