A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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village green
in the treetops a city
of crows nests

space Anna Maris – Sweden
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  nestlings rustle
among the blossom
a glimpse of sky

space Jo McInerney – Australia
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    new wings
and their echoes ...
lull before the rain

space Polona Oblak – Slovenia
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just hens in the rain without a verb

space Meik Blöttenberger – USA
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  fiddlehead unfurling her cancer margins

space Alan S. Bridges – USA
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    no more chemo …
a white flag
and its hospital corners

space David J Kelly – Ireland
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night shadows
the stone on the path
hops away

space Marianne Paul - Canada
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  underground carpark
                 for dante

space Duncan Richardson – Australia
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    long-term carpark –
the blue moon
shines on rabbits

space Amanda Bell – Ireland
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the length of the fence a cat's shadow

space Simon Hanson – Australia
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  flapping in the prunus
woodpigeons shedding
feathers and leaves

space Geoffrey Winch – UK
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    Evening stroll
Stopped by the blank of peepers

space Carol Purington – USA
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blue muscari
in the green deep fields –
dreams of the sea

spaceMary Frederick Ahearn – USA
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  periwinkle –
how grandma taught us
to be unassuming

space Arvinder Kaur – India
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the lizard's eye
meets mine

space Polona Oblak – Slovenia
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