A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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Spring snow –
i gaze at my daughter
on the echography

space Christiane Ranieri – France
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  street lamps at dawn
she kept me
in the dark

space Ernest Wit – Poland
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    christening party –
two rattles battle
for the name grandma

space Lew Watts – USA
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mountain mist
the dawn rooster’s
shaky first crow

space Leonie Bingham – Australia
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  mist lifting reflections and their swallows kiss

space Jonathan McKeown – Australia
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            the mist’s departure –
a few wild geese
        on the frozen marsh

space William Seltzer – USA
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window seat her head in the clouds

space Simon Hanson – Australia
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  beneath the contrail
      in cirrus font

space Matthew Caretti – USA
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    thirty years gone
my mother's magnolia blooms
filling the sky

space Mary White – Ireland
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wind in prayer flags
the restless rainbows of
lorikeet feathers

space Jan Dobb – Australia
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  rising sun over the gum tree a magpie's song

space Jayashree Maniyil – Australia
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    first robin …
a baseball rolls out
of my glove

space Chad Lee Robinson – USA
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abandoned house
light mends
the cracks

space Ken Sawitri – Indonesia
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  crescent moon by the bay window slicing celery

space Padma Thampatty – USA
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a blade of grass
to the light …

space Omilla – Bulgaria
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