A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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piano the fingertips of a glassblower

space Bill Cooper – USA
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  my wife at the piano –
why so many notes

space Freddy Ben-Arroyo – Israel
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    al niente
mom's piano
up for sale

space Dave Read – Canada
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falling through
the snow

space Ann K. Schwader – USA
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  inside Bach's harpsichord winter rain

space Nola Obee – Canada
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    jazz club awning
all the little icicles
bopping down

space Agnes Eva Savich – USA
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ghost note the bass line in the backstory

space Beverly Acuff Momoi – USA
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  alone at 3 a.m. the sound of icicles thinning

space Carl Seguiban – Canada
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    two-note attunement
on the red berry clusters
stacks of snow

space Nola Obee – Canada
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chestnut burrs out of my comfort zone

space Polona Oblak – Slovenia
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  football Friday night
the silence tells me
who’s winning

space Francis W. Alexander – USA
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    dead of winter
ghost leaves
rattle the beech

space Peter Newton – USA
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pale sun
the glare of polystyrene
in the gorse

space John Rowlands – Wales
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through the car window
a flash of forsythia

space Mary Jo Balistreri – USA
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a storm spins around
in a bare tree

space Bruce England – USA
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