A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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she helps me light
the last luminaria
rising frost moon

space J. Zimmerman – USA
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  on the lake
that took your breath away
floating lanterns

space Joe McKeon – USA
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    Christmas night –
in every snowflake
lights of the lake

space Steliana Cristina Voicu – Romania
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O Holy Night
no room
on the subway grates

space Louisa Howerow – Canada
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  snow drifts the morphing of leftovers

space Michele L. Harvey – USA
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    December dark
what’s green
is moldy

space LeRoy Gorman – Canada
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deep in the forest pools of black sky

space Mary Jo Balistreri – USA
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  memories leaving no tracks through the snow

space Julie Warther – USA
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    the years
he no longer remembers
drifting snow

space Rachel Sutcliffe – UK
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snow ploughs
mum knitting mittens
by a fire pot

space David He – China
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  all day snow –
my parents' papers

space Ruth Holzer – USA
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    frosty afternoon
the smell of pine
for the new coffin

space J. Zimmerman – USA
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she draws me in again winter wind

space Robert Piotrowski – Canada
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  a white cat
curves it back –
winter moon

space Cherese R. Cobb – USA
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         wolf moon
windows crazed
      with frost

space Helen Buckingham – UK
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