A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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specks of dust
in the winter moonlight
a line of migrants

space Chen-ou Liu – Canada
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  frigid wind
the long march
of the migrants

space dl mattila – USA
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    border crossing
through the barbed wire fence
the wind passing

space Zoran Doderovic – Serbia
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winter ballast smuggled in the narrative

space Cherie Hunter Day – USA
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the scar on my cheek
closing doors

space J. Zimmerman – USA
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    green light
the Giacometti lean
in a walk symbol

space John Sullivan – USA
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he paints the patch
on the asphalt

space Gergana Yaninska – Bulgaria
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  returned resume
one coffee ring
joins another

space Chen-ou Liu – Canada
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    urban dusk
the collective sigh
of street lamps

space Lamart Cooper – USA
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evening commuters
an arm stretches out
for alms

space Madhuri Pillai – Australia
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  moonless sky –
on the dark street
a lighter flicks on a face

space Anna Cates – USA
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    broken morning
the increasing struggle
to find a vein

space Tracy Davidson – UK
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wind chill –
a black ghetto
turning white

space Carl Seguiban – Canada
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  finishing line
my grandfather uses
the N-word

space John McManus – UK
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in church clothes
the weight of his words

space Phyllis Lee – USA
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