A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 5    

the chocolate
dark and chock full
of coffee beans –
all the words that smear your lips
seem ripe with possibilities

space Bob Lucky - Ethiopia
spacer brush

than our footsteps
from the garden
to your bed

space LeRoy Gorman - Canada
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    cherry blossoms
bloom on bare limbs
after years
at the cusp of spring
two pink lines in her test strip

space Yesha Shah - India
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in the new, high grass
under a blue sky
all we've ever wanted
in this life

space Mary Frederick Ahearn - USA
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dancing over the surface …
this form
in which I find myself
ephemeral as air

space Jenny Ward Angyal - USA
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by a robin's song
closer than ever
to where i want to be

space Caroline Skanne - UK
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