A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 4    

scraps of debris
lodge in crevices
the secret river
flowing within me

space Gavin Austin - Australia
spacer brush

doesn't have a tongue –
it speaks
through a dripping faucet
and the tempest in my mind

space Chen-ou Liu - Canada
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    how much rain
can a little cloud hold
the overspill
of resentment
her only identity

space Ramesh Anand - India
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apogee moon
in the deep distance
your light
making the least
of every shadow

space Debbie Strange - Canada
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  she sits alone
and weeps and weeps ...
the sound
of breaking waves
on a winter beach

space Dawn Bruce - Australia
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    this train
chugging along between
fields of snow
in that distant farmhouse
a woman like me

space Maxianne Berger - Canada
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