A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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waiting in
the frigid rain
glaciers advance

space Jon Hare –USA
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  the Chinese characters
for winter tree
my tangled thoughts

space Susan B. Auld – USA
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    first two
then three crows
winter evening

space Andrew O. Dugas – USA
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winter winds
through the eucalyptus
grace, in the same key

space kate s. godsey – USA
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  looking for
the nearest locksmith's shop ...
St. Peter's Street

space Minh-Triêt Pham – France
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    sudden whoosh
a flock of Canada geese
call in low hoots

space Diarmuid Fitzgerald – Ireland
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desert storm the war colors everything

space Bob Lucky – Saudi Arabia
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  rock paper scissors war

space Elmedin Kadric – Sweden
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    thrashed back
to the bone –
battlefield nettles

space Richard Tindall – UK
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Möbius Strip
the topology
of tumble-dried bras

space Lew Watts – USA
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  a reading of the will
she blows her nose
on his initials

space Garry Eaton – Canada
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    the dissecting room –
flowers on the windowsill
freshly watered

space Krzysztof Kokot – Poland
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driftwood to the sand
sea breeze

space Patricia Prime – New Zealand
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  after sundown
only impressions
left on the sandflats

space Jonathan McKeown – Australia
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    Pulsar …
the beat
goes on

space Julie B. Cain – USA
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