A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 14   

first day of winter
the sun mandala drips
in the rain

space Samar Ghose – Australia
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  icy winds
yet the sky the same colour
as in Zanzibar

space Anna Maris – Sweden
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    I capture
the white queen
winter evening

space Ernest Wit – Poland
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skeletal trees in deep snow shadow patterns

space Adelaide B. Shaw – USA
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  permafrost the depth of memory

space Michele L. Harvey – USA
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    twilight at five
closing down the desert
Mesa Verde

space Frances Jones – USA
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Christmas walk
a little music
left in the creek

space Meik Blöttenberger – USA
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  black ice
my knuckles white
on the steering wheel

space Polona Oblak – Slovenia
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    my height
in an icicle
gone at noon

space Pearl Pirie –Canada
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too cold
to hear the sound

space Mike Montreuil – Canada
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  ankle deep in snow each step bleeds indigo

space Carl Seguiban – Canada
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    midnight snow
I take the moon
on faith

space Ann K. Schwader – USA
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deep winter
my husband window-fussing
with the squirrels

space Marilyn Appl Walker – USA
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  mourning doves hover
in the heat pump’s steam …
icicles lengthening

space Jo Balistreri – USA
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    deep starless night
the winter branches
are my bones

space Bruce Ross – USA
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