A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 9   

out of the evening cool cat’s eyes

space Mark E. Brager – USA
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  firefly lit sill –
the cat restores
the darkness

space Lavana Kray – Romania
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    heat lightning
a fox backs away
from the snare

space Michael Henry Lee – USA
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Evening service
a fragrance of peonies
moves down the aisle

space Carol Purington – USA
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  churchstep cracks
the dominion of ants
is great

space LeRoy Gorman – Canada
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    old shed roof
a morning-glory

space Ann K. Schwader – USA
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waiting room
counting the red gladdies
yet again

space Elizabeth Nicholls – Australia
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  waiting room
day lilies open

space Johnny Baranski – USA
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    waiting room
wearing my own hair
at the oncologist's

space Madhuri Pillai – Australia
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Family gathering –
the faces light up
behind their cell phones

space Christiane Ranieri – France
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  power outage
the candlelight dinner
she asked for

space Kyle D. Craig – USA
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    thunder moon
dining by candle app
on his iPhone

space dl mattila – USA
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hard rain
the jangle of guitar
from the subway

space Sanjuktaa Asopa – India
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  the arteries
of my mother's womb …
night river

space Claire Everett – UK
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    end of the storm
mountain peaks connected
by a double rainbow

space Magdalena Banaszkiewicz – Poland
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