A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 4   

spring light
jasmine’s heavy scent
from every fence

space Robyn Hood Black – USA
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from the clothesline
drenched sparrows

space Suraja Roychowdhury – USA
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    cool morning paper –
the fledgling’s wingprints
in our flowerbed

space Michael Dylan Welch – USA
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breakfast tea
the common starling’s
uncommon song

space Matthew Caretti – USA
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the latest gossip
quid pro quo

space Barbara Tate –USA
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    wildlife park
the barbet’s song
drowned by traffic

space Sonam Chhoki – Bhutan
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sitar crescendo skyward rising of a lark

space Gautam Nadkarni – India
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  chirps everywhere
a street musician lays aside
his violin

space Marta Chocilowska – Poland
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    first warm day
everywhere in the streets

space Dietmar Tauchner – Austria
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oxycodone dreams the robin’s distress call

space Carolyn Hall – USA
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       the wind
owns the song

space Kala Ramesh – India
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    fleeting wind –
the branch reaches after
the sparrow

space Paul Chambers – Wales
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honeysuckle vines –
a hummingbird wrinkles
the air

space Theresa A. Cancro – USA
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  engulfed by poppies
the subdivisions
of graves

space Paul J. Geiger – USA
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    his unmarked grave
a hundred grackles
turning wing

space Marianne Paul – Canada
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