A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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cracking ice
on the frozen lake
the sunlight

space Janina Kołodziejczyk – Italy
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  wheeled to the window
her reflection obscures
a flowering plum

space Robert Witmer – Japan
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    children’s eyes
on teacher’s fingertips …
metamorphosis class

space Ramesh Anand – India
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another day closer,

space Mary Frederick Ahearn – USA
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  only in sunshine
the black thorax
of a white butterfly

space Gabriel Patterson – USA
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    two butterflies
frolic a bit and stop
lamb paddock

space Jan Dobb – Australia
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misty mountains
the shades between the shades
of grey

space David J Kelly – Ireland
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  evening mist
the silver moon wrapped
in silence

space Gautam Nadkarni – India
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    moonless in mist
the woodland's ears
follow my passing

space Thomas Powell – N. Ireland
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frosty morning
cows behind the dairy
chewing mist

space Gavin Austin – Australia
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  desert twilight –
a mare and her foal slip down
into the draw

space Kevin Valentine – USA
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    new grass
an egret
for each horse

space Paul MacNeil – USA
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beeches breaking bud
the head of a cross thickened
by hammer blows

space Richard Tindall – UK
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  for the sun
the buds

space S. M. Kozubek – USA
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    the blackbird’s song...
time to crash

space Adrian Bouter – the Netherlands
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