A Hundred Gourds 4:3 June 2015

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teen suicide
whispers through
the school
now everyone
knows her name

space Randy Brooks - USA
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  I would give you
the breeze tonight
its sage-like perfume
in moonlight
beauty instead of grief

space Marian Olson - USA
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    reading your poems
I relive your trauma
while I am sleeping …
awake with an aching jaw
and my pencil out of joint

space Elizabeth Howard - USA
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it was always there
beneath your every word
your every gesture

space Penny Visser - USA
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  at the door of midnight
light of a silver moon
sound of distant rain
a poem upon
the river

space Yvonne Adami - Australia
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    waking at two
with a song in my soul …
I find you
hiding in shadows
of graces and quavers

space Hazel Hall - Australia
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