A Hundred Gourds 4:3 June 2015

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page 11   

off-season beach
a bartender juggling
seagulls' cries

space Alexey Andreev – Russia
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  plover beach
I take off
my five-toed socks

space Fay Aoyagi – USA
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    white caps –
seaweed on the beach
clutching stones

space Ruby Michael – Australia
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deserted beach
footprints run slowly down
the slip face of a dune

space Richard Tindall - UK
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  my dead brother …
an echo of light
blurs the polaroid

space Chad Lee Robinson – USA
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    the sound of a nail
driven through the wind –
standing stone

space Richard Tindall - UK
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frankincense finally sinking in the funeral mass

space Matthew Robinson –USA
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  your last wishes misty reservoir

space Cynthia Rowe – Australia
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    memorial tree
the first shovelful
the heaviest

space Rose van Son – Australia
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his wardrobe door
still shut
the familiar scent of grief

space Grace Mckenna – Australia
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  moss-covered graves
only crows speak with
my ancestors

space Barbara A. Taylor – Australia
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    twilight chill
graveyard shadows surrender
stone by stone

space Rachel Sutcliffe – UK
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fading fog
in the coppice
more and more birches

space Magdalena Banaszkiewicz – Poland
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  maple leaf in autumn –
the fortune teller tells me
my lifeline is clear

space Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara – Romania
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    children’s voices –
a falling leaf reaches
its shadow

space Nathalie Buckland – Australia
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