A Hundred Gourds 4:3 June 2015

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the Old Ways …
a blackbird sings
from a Celtic cross

space Claire Everett – UK
spacer brush

  the egret's white wings
               above the tent
               revival meeting

space S.M. Kozubek – USA
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    silk Tallit
grandfather's heavy hands
over my shoulders

space Brent Goodman – USA
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where sky
meets the Dead Sea ...
a long whisper

space Rita Odeh – Israel
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  security alert
the call to prayer
a bit louder

space Bob Lucky – Saudi Arabia
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    spinifex –
the Prime Minister's position
        keeps moving

space Rob Scott – Sweden
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Orkney sunset –
the squeal of a harrier
beyond the peat smoke

space Lew Watts – USA
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  peat fire
a fiddle 'till the end
of moonshine

space Ben Moeller-Gaa – USA
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    dreams of Cornwall
so vivid
I want to pay my rates

space Owen Bullock – Australia
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Thames river tour
I learn to speak
my native tongue

space Joe McKeon – USA
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  brownfield the swallow's negative space

space Allan Burns – USA
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    alpine resort –
another warning call
from a currawong

space Rodney Williams – Australia
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passenger pigeons
our world pale
with shadows

space Angela Terry – USA
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  peace crane –
small hands learn
to fold a story

space Robyn Cairns – Australia
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    Tsunami Anniversary
a battery-run toy dog
keeps yapping

space Fay Aoyagi – USA
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