A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

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border dispute
       on this side of the fence
       shifting clouds

space Padma Thampatty - USA
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  taking the shortcut
and missing the journey –
a map of clouds

space Angela Terry - USA
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    cloud-walker …
cairn by cairn
the summit

space Allan Burns - USA
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a heron's pulsing throat ...
the river thin
on the river bed

space K. Ramesh - India
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  wind through cracks where the river was

space Carl Seguiban - Canada
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    dry creek-bed
the ebb and flow
of summer wind

space Jennifer Sutherland - Australia
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waiting for news
the sky’s
useless blue

space Ann K. Schwader - USA
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camphor laurels shedding
autumn leaves

space Quendryth Young - Australia
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a door wide open
to frozen vegetables

space Alan S. Bridges - USA
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moist breeze
the mountain dissolves
in my selfie

space Ramesh Anand - India
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  roof repairs the distant thunder

space Ann K. Schwader - USA
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    rising gas prices –
a thunderstorm darkening
the whole horizon

space Michael Dylan Welch - USA
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Lightning –
the clouds still hung
in rags

space Branka Vojinović Jegdić – Montenegro
space(translator -Đurđa Vukelić-Rožić -Croacia )
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  lightning flash
an overhead rumble
of possum feet

space Jan Dobb - Australia
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the shadow of a candle
washed away

space Gail Willems - Australia
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