A Hundred Gourds 3:4 September 2014

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Hema Ravi – India

Pitter Patter

Last night there was a thunderstorm, which lasted for an hour. The midnight sky was ablaze with light and sound. It was as if Nature was saying, “Heed my words!” with patterns of light across the sky, the astras; as if the gods were testing them, prior to war! The orchestration ranged between soothing growls, startling claps and roars, in synchronization with the plummeting cataract of water or a heavy pitter patter.

At first, it startled me from sleep, soon sleep eluded me, so I began to enjoy the light and sound sequence from the comfort of the air conditioned bed room. Human intervention played the odd note, when the burglar alarm in the car parked on the ground floor went off. . .

fallen leaves
her dreams
buried beneath. . .

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