A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014

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winding up summer rasp of a cicada

space André Surridge - New Zealand
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  the end of summer grilled peppers in the campfire

space Boris Gregoric - Croatia
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    afternoon stroll
shop doorways open
to the last of summer

space Adelaide B. Shaw - USA
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Labor Day
wearing summer whites
one more time

space Adelaide B. Shaw - USA
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  and now just one left
of my parents' generation
acorn rain

space Carolyn Hall - USA
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    dropped apples
spilling across the grass
miscarried again

space Susan Burch - USA
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distant birdsong …
a bushel of apples
basks in the sun

space Mark E. Brager - USA
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  green dragonfly the music of marsh reeds

space Bill Cooper - USA
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    Indian summer
sunlight catches
on barbed wire

space Alan S. Bridges - USA
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each hair
of the squirrel’s tail
autumn clarity

space Ann K. Schwader - USA
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  fading daylight
horse and hill
become one

space Jennifer Sutherland - Australia
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more weights –
Year of the Horse

space Ruth Holzer - USA
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black tea –
I search in vain
for the milky way

space Pravat Kumar Padhy - India
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  milky way ...
the stranded stars
beneath my feet

space Anitha Varma - India
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    to disturb
the sleep of gulls
the Milky Way

space Deborah P Kolodji - USA
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