A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 14   

Valentine's –
a shard of the blue sky
in her song

space Paresh Tiwari - India
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  Valentines' Day
the steamy windows
of the Tattoo Lounge

space Claire Everett - UK
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    full moon
over ice-covered trees
a fox shines

space Joseph M. Kusmiss - USA
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a headstone
covered with snow
the missing name

space Keith A. Simmonds - Trinidad & Tobago
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  The Geminids –
a trembling curtain
of winter sakura

space Steliana Cristina Voicu - Romania
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    aerospace museum
a small boy points
to a sparrow

space Maureen Virchau - USA
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snowed in
my poetic voice

space Johnny Baranski - USA
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  hazy winter –
    the boatman's song leaves
    a trail of the mist

space Kumarendra Mallick - India
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    practicing Chopin
just at dusk
the color of the wind

space Angela Terry - USA
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lonely night
I slide my lips
across the harmonica

space Chase Fire - USA
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  Sunday hangover the jazz diva sho B-flat

space Johnny Baranski - USA
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    the piano
she almost gave away
back in our night life

space Robert Epstein - USA
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it sounds hollow
that half of the closet –
pending divorce

space Minh-Triêt Pham - France
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  grades posted
the owl licks
a small talon

space Bill Cooper - USA
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    doorstep canvassing
the fury
of a small dog

space David Serjeant - UK
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