A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 12   

All Souls’ Eve –
tipping the spirit level
this way & that

space Sandra Simpson - New Zealand
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  the black cat
the neighbour
i almost
almost trust

space Brendan Slater- UK
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    shorter days –
the Jack-o-lantern's
widening scream

space Brad Bennett - USA
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deepening chill
the big dipper floats
low in the sky

space G.R. LeBlanc - Canada
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  retirement home
Thanksgiving portions
in tiny hemispheres

space Alan S. Bridges - USA
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    low tide
under Cassiopeia

space Deborah P Kolodji - USA
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a squirrel
squirreling away…
December fog

space John J. Han - USA
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  falling laurel berry tapping into winter

space Thomas Powell - N. Ireland
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    wintry night
one stray dog answers

space Chen-ou Liu - Canada
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waiting ...
the space between
bare branches

space Theresa A. Cancro - USA
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  bare branches
the white flash
of an eagle's head

space Michele L. Harvey - USA
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    no more alone
than the crow in a tree
or the tree itself

space Scott Owens - USA
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reticent neighbour …
his chimney smokes
all day

space Sonam Chhoki - Bhutan
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  winter sunlight
a flurry
of my dead skin

space Bob Lucky - Ethiopia
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    another winter
his fingers can’t

space Stewart C Baker - USA
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