A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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page 11   

prayers at dawn ...
the spiraling sound
of a conch

space Gautam Nadkarni - India
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  smoke drifts
from the incense stick –
my wayward thoughts

space Arvinder Kaur - India
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    lost faith ...
a branch snaps
from its tree

space Anne Curran - New Zealand
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rain follows rain
in muted voice
the congregation's response

space Mary Frederick Ahearn - USA
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  light through
the stained glass windows …
not hearing what I came for

space Deb Baker - USA
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    serenity prayer
                               the reach
of the white-necked heron

space Jonathan McKeown - Australia
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warm sake tonight I have all the answers

space Johnny Baranski - USA
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  study break
a deep breath near the skull
of Phineas Gage

space Bill Cooper - USA
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    shop mirror
my original face
dusted over

space Matthew Caretti - USA
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standing in ranks –
the scent
of breakfast

space Marshall Bood - Canada
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in the field of death –
a number

space Don Baird - USA
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    years after the war
my homeland dribbles

space Samantha Sirimanne Hyde - Australia
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broken payphone
the homeless man finds someone
who understands

space Brian Robertson - Germany
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  decline of the day –
falling down
into my shadow

space Minh-Triêt Pham - France
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    widening ripples
spread across the pond
the murky years

space Scott Wiggerman - USA
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