A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

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space Dietmar Tauchner - Austria
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on the edge of knowledge
the joy to be

space Helga Stania - Switzerland
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    the long view
then rests on stone

space Liz Nakazawa - USA
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Halley’s Comet –
we gasp
into the past

space Seánan Forbes - UK
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  Precambrian to Holocene an Otis elevator

space LeRoy Gorman - Canada
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    I walk farther
into the womb of time:

space Kala Ramesh - India
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a patchwork of tarmac the road to the tip

space David Serjeant - UK
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  refuelling station
out of the empty puddle
Pollock's Abstraction

space Anna Mazurkiewicz - Poland
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    end of life
only dust
on the fuel cap

space Joseph Llewellyn - UK
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melting snow
farmer and cows track oil
into the barn

space Richard St. Clair - USA
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  first sun ray inside an icicle a squeezed seed

space Irena Szewczyk - Poland
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    pushing winter aside
March wind
lifts the tiger kite

space Marian Olson - USA
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blackbird song
the sound of water
where it wasn’t

space Michele L. Harvey - USA
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  downspouts louder
than birdsong

space Ann K. Schwader - USA
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    mating call –
he adds a major third
to his ringtone

space Margaret Dornaus - USA
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