A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013
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winter moon
moving across the garden
my daughter's snowman

space Tracy Davidson - UK
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  our footsteps crunch
into snowy woodland
"Narnia," she says

space Katrina Shepherd- Scotland
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    good at snow angels
one of a generation
they say is lost

spaceLeRoy Gorman - Canada
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last words between us –
the faded flag on the flagpole
hangs limp

spaceJerry Foshee - USA
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  separation …
I search for similarities
in snowflakes

spaceTerri L. French - USA
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    arthritis flare
the gnarled limbs
of winter trees

spaceRachel Sutcliffe - UK
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at the threshold
the New Year's moon

space Mark E. Brager - USA
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  winter fireworks
purple and orange sea stars
at our feet

spaceBeverly Acuff Momoi - USA
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                     New Year's Day
the empty birdbath

spaceJ. D. Nelson - USA
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flash of the sun
among the bare branches
squirrel tail

space Magdalena Banaszkiewicz - Poland
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a swan folds its wings
into a heart

spaceKatrina Shepherd -Scotland
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    spice aisle
a wink
from a stranger

space Mary Frederick Ahearn - USA
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a small brazier
and my big American toe

spacePatrick Sweeney - Japan
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  the taste never partaken honey moon

spaceIrena Szewczyk - Poland
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    a veggie diet
my cat looks away
from my plate

spaceOlga Skvortsova - China
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