A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013
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page 8   

coyote wind …
so many shadows
shifting shape

space Deborah Barbour Lundy - USA
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  a coyote howl
in this dark night
the sleep of spiders

space Tricia Knoll - USA
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    suddenly snow
before Halloween

space Frances Jones - USA
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moonlight in Vermont
a street musician
blowing snow

space Johnny Baranski - USA
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  on life support
in the operating tent
the sound of one line

space Robert Henry Poulin - USA
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    old moon
how pale
death is

space Mary Hind - Australia
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death vigil –
the no color month
of November

space Adelaide B. Shaw - USA
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  a night too dark to hear what you say

space Marian Olson - USA
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    we dismantle
the unused crib …
starless sky

space John McManus - UK
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through an empty nest
on a bare branch –
pieces of moon

space Geethanjali Rajan - India
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in its white feathers …
an owl's stillness

space Sasa Vazic - Serbia
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    deep winter
the cherry trees

space Annette Makino - USA
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cold night
i am shivered

space Duncan Richardson - Australia
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  winter chill
the fridge
gives a cough

space André Surridge - New Zealand
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    graveyard shift –
the snap
of a mousetrap

space Rodney Williams - Australia
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