A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013
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a glimmer
on the leaden sea
we search for the sun

space Geoffrey Winch - UK
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  stormy weather an ipad kind of day

space Johnny Baranski - USA
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    under water
a tam tam
being pounded

space Jack Galmitz - USA
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at the end of each lap
I wipe the window
– Fuji across the bay

space Jennifer Fell - Australia
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  jutting rocks
the boom of a breaker
toppling upwards

space Jan Dobb - Australia
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    marina sunset
we show our children how
to hurry up

space Stewart C Baker - USA
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a Mexican wave
rolls along the breakwater
my new sunhat

space Helen Davison - Australia
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  heading home slack waves on a turning tide

spaceStuart Quine - UK
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    after the storm –
        their palm tree
                our coconuts

space Al Fogel - U.S.A.
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summer's first rain –
drop by drop i relish
my loneliness

space Arvinder Kaur - India
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  weekend rain
my parakeets watch me
in cobra pose

space Dawn Apanius - USA
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    summer rain
the poppies keep their thoughts
to themselves

space Sandra Simpson - New Zealand
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it rains down my ruthless side

space Brendan Slater - UK
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  green plums
we talk of everything
but the future

space Cara Holman - USA
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    windy corner
where the phone booth
used to be

space Bill Kenney - USA
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